Auspicious Start


Today is an auspicious day to start this study,
because it is Monday, the day of Shiva.
The lord Shiva gave the Maaheshvarasuutra to the sage Panini, who composed this sutra literature to describe the entire Sanskrit language system.
May Paarvatii, Shiva, and Panini give us grace to study.

Today is an auspicious day also because it is Ekadashii, the day I observe a religious fasting to remember the lord Vishnu.
May Lakshmii and Vishnu give us grace to continue studying.

>> Let's start from the prayer before studying >>

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  1. Namaste, Medha. I found your blog the other day and it is really amazing. I have been learning Sanskrit for one year in Japan with my Japanese teacher (although I am Polish so it si challenging to learn Sanskrit through Japanese) but it is really slow. I would like to ask you if you give Classical Sanskrit lessons online? hojun